Adulting – To Adult or Not? Do we even have a choice anymore?

I fully realized on my 31st birthday that my life was taking me on a path. The ‘road not taken’, my life had diverged into a yellow wood and I had inadvertently chosen my fork without realizing I was at the junction. I cannot honestly say Frost would have been proud of my melodramatic breakdown.

Why 31 you ask ? Not my 30th dreaded birthday. Well for my big #30 I was cocooned by the flamboyant extravaganza that was hosted to celebrate my existence of 3 decades (truth be told I haven’t much to my credit except that now I can distinguish between real and fake silk like a pro and give myself perfect manicures that aren’t embarrassing). These unsuspecting souls and 3 rounds of cosmopolitan (the vodka) convinced me that 30’s is the new 20’s (why even?) and our youth is even more primer than prime itself. I kicked back and partied my life on. I should have been warned by the horrible hangover the morning after but youth had its frivolous helmet on my right hemisphere.

A full year of dallying in delusions and dwelling on life in general got me waking up.

Just think about this. I can safely say that I am sorted about the twenties now after I have walked the talk. I know I owned some parts of it and escaped most of it unscathed. But there are chunks of horrifying almost traumatic episodes I wish I had dealt with better. I wish my future (present) self had written a letter warning me don’t look up from that coffee in the college canteen (screwed up 4 good years- on that another day) or what were you even thinking about when you bought that bodycon sequins dress? And girl, this crash dieting is going to screw your stomach! More importantly there are still a list of things I should have ticked off in my 20s that I didn’t get to and instead chose to waste my precious years on unwarranted relationship goop which did nothing advantageous to my self esteem. That was what had to change this decade. 

Once you enter your 30s you are a full adult. Yes, we should have been that legally 12 years ago but did any of us really have our bases covered in the 20s? Wishful thinking 😀 By now most of us have a full time job and the hassle that comes with it. Tell me you love waking up each day to go to work and I will stop writing this right now and go bury myself ! No? Let’s read on.

What are the seven red flags that should lead to the realization that this is adulthood?

  • You are not satisfied with takeaways and swiggying it and want to have a good home cooked meal atleast 4 days a week. Breakfast has suddenly become important to you.
  • You value sleep
  • You have lesser friends than you used to and you find that there are very few people you want to let into your life
  • Money seems to have become a very important factor in many of your life decisions
  • You dress more sensibly and it is no longer a struggle to explore what your style is. Basically you have a style.
  • You realise your body has limits and needs taking care of.
  • By now you are probably responsible for at the least one other human/ nonhuman adult or non-adult. It is not just you and your decisions anymore.

If you have ticked off atleast 5 of the above said seven points I hope this series of articles can bring a sense of control in the mayhem that we call life. Life as we know it. A small survival guide for the next ten years ahead. To own a decade that indeed needs to be celebrated.

Welcoming to Adulting. You have truly arrived. 

Theme Reveal Blogchatter A to Z challenge : Quintessential 30s Survival Guide For Girls

Not every girl is blessed with a Fairy Godmother who would draw up a chariot at the 11 th hour out of a pumpkin and land you straight into your fairytale.

Sometimes you have to be your own lucky charm. Everyone of us has the grit but lacks the direction at the right time. Haven’t you wondered about your past thinking had I known the way these events would play out , I would have definitely taken a different path at that point

Alas! Time travel is a fantasy. I know a thousand things I would have done differently had there just been a guide to warn me.

Does life come with a guide? You ask me. What if it does? What if we have to write our own guides and read it often to remind us where we really ought to travel to?

With #blogchattera2z challenge I bring to you..

From one girl to another. Here is my Survival Guide for the 30s. This is what your cosmopolitan forgot to teach you. This is for those wounds that chocolate cannot heal.

Dorn your little black dress and suede pumps and let’s go conquer this world together.

The next set of posts are going to be Loud , Fun and Red hot sexy. There is absolutely no Censor!

Are you ready for the mystical journey into the lala land that they call the 30s ?

Medall Celebrates #eachforequal this Women’s day to upholdWomens’s Health and Happiness.

As we strive towards creating a gender equal society and the theme for the International Women’s Day 2020 is #eachforequal, where each of us steer the wheel towards gender equality, healthcare will emerge among the most important elements in the growth and empowerment of women in future. I was invited by Medall Healthcare Private Limited on Women’s day for a health talk by Dr. Akhila Parvathy in Chennai along with a group of eminent women representatives spanning from various arenas in Chennai.

Read on till the end to find the basic set of medical examinations (self examination and laboratory test) that you could perform every year at a budget to safegaurd your health and prevent any diseases before they occur. HEALTH IS WEALTH

The doctor threw light on the number of alarming lifestyle disorders that women must take an oath to combat. Stress, lack of physical activity, sleep deprivation and unhealthy eating habits is leading to growth in chronic diseases among them. Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, depression, heart diseases and even some types of cancer, are on the rise among women. More women are unhealthy than men according to the GOQii India Fit Report 2020. A staggering 71% women fall in the unhealthy category and young adults in the 19-30 age group have the unhealthiest habits and demonstrate a high propensity to be afflicted by lifestyle diseases. As per reports, an estimate 68% women suffer from lifestyle diseases. 53% of them skip meals and binge on junk food or fast food to meet work pressure and deadlines. Many of the health conditions women are at risk for in their 20s can become the mainstay problems in their 30s.

Common diseases affecting women are:

PCOs most commonly in young women, a hormonal disorder leading to menstrual irregularities, obesity and infertility.

Obesity- 80% of urban Indian working women in the age of 25-45 years are over-weight due to stress, sedentary lifestyle or unhealthy eating habits, a risk factor for many chronic diseases

Depression/Anxiety disorder: long working hours as well as factors such as lack of sleep, exercise, addiction to alcohol and drug abuse can lead to depression

Chronic Backache: Caused due to long work hours, especially sedentary jobs with long hours of static posture at work and inappropriate back support.

Infertility: Lifestyle issues are complicating both fertility rate among women as well as preganancies, affecting both mother and baby

Vitamin D Deficiency: which can further mount to fatigue, bone pain and other risk factors.

Breast Cancer: Incidence of breast cancer is increasing in younger women, due to unhealthy lifestyles. In 5% women, it could be genetic, therefore the testing has to be done at an early age.

Fortunately today, preventive healthcare is gaining popularity and with a plethora of opportunity and cost-effective options available, it is matter of taking the step in that direction to prevent irreversible damage. 

Medall, among India’s leading integrated diagnostic services provider has curated a comprehensive list of preventive health care tests under STAY AWARE. STAY HEALTHY / BASIC WELLNESS TESTS – which has 57 important tests that cover the functions of 8 major body systems. The Medall ‘Well Women Package Gold’ offers a comprehensive set of tests specifically designed for women.

Medall also walks the talk of being a preventive healthcare services provider with a vision. SASH (Stay Aware, Stay Healthy), is its health initiative which encourages people to get proactive about their wellbeing. With 57 tests covering 8 major vital organs, SASH is a comprehensive clinical test package priced at only Rs.640/- or less than US$10, and has already touched 150,000 customers within a year of launch.

Numbers that matter:

  • Dedicated, expert and committed workforce of over 2500 
  • A clinical team comprising over 134 qualified radiologists and pathologists 
  • A network of over 45,000 doctors 
  • Present in 9 states and 66 districts including all of South India, Jharkhand and Maharashtra
  • 176 labs and 20 Apex labs
  • 16 NABL accredited labs and over 100 ISO certified labs.
  • Partnered with 4 State Governments including AP, Telangana, Karnataka and Jharkhand in PPP

For details visit –


  • It is important to keep track of health at all times
  • Basic Wellness makes you aware of your health score
  • Basic Wellness helps monitor functions of 8 major systems of the body
  • These are meaningful tests chosen by a team of leading physicians
  • 57 important tests that cover the functions of 8 major body systems
  • Tests worth Rs.3, 000 now comes at just Rs.640 per person

This 2020, I monitored my health with Medall’s wellness package and took and oath to be a healthier version of myself. This is what you could do too.

A few recommended tests:

  • Blood pressure – Every 2 years if normal (120/80). Yearly, or more often if higher than 120/80
  • Diabetes Blood Glucose – If your blood pressure is > 135/80 or if you take blood pressure medication
  • Cholesterol Test – Starting at age 20, get regular testing if at risk for heart disease.

Pelvic Exam

Every year beginning age 21.

  • PAP test without HPV screen for Cancer – every 3 years, ages 21-30
  • PAP test with HPV screen for Cancer – Every 5 years, age 30+
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea – Get tested if you are sexually active and at increased risk (new or multiple partners) or are pregnant.
  • Syphilis – Get tested if you are at increased risk or pregnant.

Clinical Breast Exam

Every 1-3 years, starting at age 21.

  • Share your Breast Self-Exam Info – Become familiar with how your breasts look and feel throughout your menstrual cycle, if applicable, so you can identify changes and discuss with your provider.

HIV Screening

All women should be offered a one-time screening. Follow up testing is based on individual risk. All pregnant women need to be tested.

Why & How to raise Kind Kids?

About the Author:

Kinshoo, just a mom who shares her motherhood journey on her website Mom Learning With Baby where she explains how she involves her child into creative learning and gives easy DIY activities and crafts ideas with kids, along with few Free Printables.

Kinshoo and her adorable munchkin

KINDNESS is one quality that seems to be replenishing even faster than the extinction of Dinosaurs. We need to raise a generation that is full of kindness at heart and empathetic nature towards others; the world already has enough hatred.

Points to ponder: 

Is raising more intellectual, tech-savvy, self-centred kids making them more selfish and cut from the roots? 

Are kids becoming more like robots with lesser or zero emotional quotient or attachment to people?

Are their lives revolving around social media pretending to-be what they are not (materialistic and fake attitude)?

We need a generation of kids with high IQ (Intelligent Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) at the same time. We don’t need robots, we need humans. We have to nurture feelings as well, along with knowledge, skills, reasoning etc. in our children.

Everyone is so engrossed in thinking about themselves and fighting their own survival battle, that none has time to even have empathy towards someone. We just tend to file complaints, to swear someone who commits any mistake, without even realising that the other party might not be at fault totally or might be undergoing some mental trauma. For example:

A waiter drops soup on your expensive designer dress.. woaahh… you would be raging with anger for sure and blast him left-right without even considering once- that he might be not very well in health but still working to earn bread for his dependants; or it might be someone else’s fault who just stumble with him causing him lose his balance.

Only if one takes a little second to take deep breath and try to understand will he realize and handle the whole situation in better way.. but who has the time!!!!

Tips to develop kindness in kids:

  1. Communication: Only when we will talk more with kids trying to understand their perplexed minds, we will be able to explain and help them tackle the situations. If we only dictate or order them what-to-do and how-to-do, all the time; they would hardly be able to communicate their hesitations and doubts.
  2. Freedom of Expression: We parents often get offended when kids don’t agree to us. But, if we think with cool head, it’s totally fine. They have right to disagree with the parents as well. Like our opinions also differ from those of our parents or others. So our children also have right to dissent from our point to view.
  3. Sympathize: Failures and mistakes are part of learning process in life. A child, young or teenager, looks upon his parents for understanding and sympathy. They expect their parents to support them emotionally and boost their morale. If we sympathize towards our kids, then only they will learn to show kindness and sympathy towards others.
  4. Leading by Example: Kids learn more from what they see rather than what is told to them. So we need to be super careful and cautious about our behaviour towards our workers, helpers, spouse, parents, siblings and neighbours – actually everyone around. Abusing a helper or cursing a neighbour leaves a bad impression on young minds and they tend to react similarly in such situations; which definitely is not the best way to deal.
  5. Motivation with Empathy: All parents love and want to motivate their kids to achieve success and be independent in life, but is our way of encouragement balanced? Or it’s just making them feel competitive without emotions? Healthy competition is a way to progress but just a challenge to win is not very appreciable, rather such kind of thinking makes kids adopt dishonest means to win and tendency to be deceitful. 

Example: When a child falls while running, we encourage him and want him to learn to get up on his own. But are we not hurting his innocent mind by making him feel that his injuries doesn’t matter and only the completion of task or winning is important. So we need to motivate them but with empathy. We should ask the kids whether they are hurt or if it’s paining. Modify statements like-

“I understand you are hurt, but you should be stronger to get up again”

And definitely ask later about the injury (show empathy), so that they realize parent’s intention behind.

Seeing aggressive kids around worries me, how elder kids don’t bother after pushing a smaller kid on playground, children are more self-oriented with sense of materialism and excess amount of “I” in their tone.

INDIFFERENCE is the root cause of apathy and unconcerned attitude towards other’s misery and pain. And such behaviour might be result of experiences faced during childhood. Kids need lot of love, understanding, sympathy, motivation and empathy and of course intelligence, reasoning, skill development, and differentiation between deceptive and unethical ways to achieve goals.

Be Kind!!



How to plan an International Trip from your Android

Travelling abroad for the very first time can be quite intimidating. I hope a thousand questions are swimming around your head, well I was at that very space until I realised that everything I needed was on my palm. This smart phone is really one piece of technology that hasn’t been exploited to its full potential.

Did you know a whole international trip can be planned by just sitting on your couch and with the smart phone in hand. Well most of it atleast. It’s 2020 and there is an app for everything, but what are the essential ones ?


TripAdvisor is the largest “social travel website” in the world, with about 315 million reviewers (active and inactive) and over 730 million reviews of hotels, restaurants, attractions and other travel-related businesses.

Though intended to plan your whole trip on it I prefer using TripAdvisor for its reviews and reccomendations. This is the most reliable source because you can get as early as a two days ago scenario on any hotel, place or activity and the content is by the travellers themselves. What better way to know than from someone who has done it already. Their forums are super useful too for initial research

Visit a city

I love this app because it not only lists out the places of attraction but also groups them together, this making it easy to plan the travel and also categorise which place Sto visit together. You can make a my plan and share it too. This makes it super easy while travelling because it can be save offline too. So once you have decided the country I suggest you search it here before you decide where to stay as you may then choose the most central location.

Google trips

This is one of the most underrated Google apps out there. I seriously don’t know why people use so less of this. I’d never seen anything like this before — or even close — in any other app. In Day Plans section of the app, there are a few suggested full and half day plans created automatically. Plans are theme based with each having a list of sight-seeing locations to visit. It’s kind of a virtual tour guide that takes the hassle and pain a person has to go through to the plan their whole day. Only a company at the scale of Google has all the ability and data to pull this off. Again this alone is a word of caution as it automatically access your calender mail and is synced to all other google apps.

Pick your Trail

This is an all in one app. If you are that person who wants to book a flight, hotel and plan the days of your trip all inclusive of transport in the new city- all of this in one place then you have arrived at the safest option. They even offer 24 hours all around personnel support so this app is basically your travels agent. Give them the dates, your preferences and location with budget and kick back and watch the whole trip planned for you in one interface. They have a section where all the vouchers (flight, hot, activity and travel) get stored so you only need a click to access all information anytime in your new city.

With so much information available today the challenge comes in what to believe and which to filter hence am listing out some of my favourite travel blogs whom I always refer to before travelling anywhere. You will get the gems from these. for those instagrammable travel plans if you are on a budget, you will find very essential tips here

Int Affairs on YouTube are my favourite travel vlogs-

The Anglo-Indian pop-up restaurant that transports you 70 years back in time.

The city is experiencing a one of a kind Anglo Indian Pop-Up Restaurant at the Radisson Blu Hotel, GRT at Airport road in their Ministry of Chutneys from the 29-15th of Dec.

The elaborate salad counter at their buffet spread

The pop-restaurant boasts of delivering authentic Anglo-Indian cuisine to your plate by renouned chef Bridget Kumar. Chef Bridget White-Kumar is a Cookery Book Author, Food Consultant and Culinary Historian. Her area of expertise is in Colonial Anglo-Indian Food and she has gone through a lot of effort in reviving the old forgotten dishes of the Colonial British Raj Era. The chef is training a group of chef’s at the Radisson and together they create a symphony of dishes for you.

The chefs who assist Chef Bridget with her spread

Chef Bridget’s dishes are all about the balance. I was fortunate to attend a master class she conducted exclusively for passionate home cooks and Chennai food folk. She quips that lesser the ingredients you add to create a harmonious balance on the plate the better your dish is going to be. Don’t be motivated to add an array of spices and eventually lose out to the authentic taste that a dish must carry. Rightfully each plate she created was just that. Expertly balanced flavour of spices and condiments with rich Anglo culture brewn into them.

The dishes are nothing like any of the cuisine you have tasted before and right out of an Anglo-Indian grandma’s kitchen. While cooking the chef narrated some interesting takes of how okrah came to be called bendicoit in an Anglo household and how bo-bo curry a popular Anglo dish gets its name from the sound of chicks loitering on the backyard. Listening to these stories brought life into each dish we tasted and elevated the whole culinary experience to a different level

Her dishes belong to that special and once in a lifetime experinece that one must simply not miss savouring!

Some of the classic dishes you will find in the spread are:

Chicken Ding-Ding ( for ye veggies there is the same dish cooked in Yam both makes one swoon) This is the Anglo take on a fried chicken but is flavoured to transport you to the Goan shores.

Chicken Ding ding

Anglo-Indian fish Croquettes are not the usual fish fingers you have. It is spiced with pepper and garlic and gives a complete mouthful experience

Classic Nana’s Bobo pepper fry ( Bobo is the Anglo name for chicken because obviously the sound ) is something one must not miss tasting. Not just for the story but the delectable flavours too

The aroma of the prawn vindaloo transported me to the malpe manglorean shores but did you know a classic vindaloo originated here in Chennai as opposed to popular belief and has nothing to do with aloo as everyone assumes.

The stellar Indian Mutton mince Ball curry is her signature dish and I was left swooning for a second serving.
Every dish has its own vegetarian counterpart with equal taste so that no one misses anything .
The desserts are just what your sweet tooth asked for. The grandma’s pudding is something I would always reccomend.

#theministryofchutneys in #radissonblu #chennai is hosting an Anglo-Indian spread specially curated by Celebrity Chef Bridget White Kumar from November 29th to December 15th and one must just not miss this.

Catch this while you can for more pics of the buffet spread check out my Instagram post

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#theministryofchutneys in #radissonblu #chennai is hosting an Anglo-Indian spread specially curated by Celebrity Chef Bridget White Kumar from November 29th to December 15th. . We had the fortune of attending a special masterclass where she cooked live all the dishes in the buffet spread and what authenticity and flavours there were. Nothing like any of the cuisine you have tasted before and right out of an Anglo-Indian grandma's kitchen. This is an experience that one must simply not miss savouring! Some of the classic dishes you will find in the spread are: 😋Chicken Ding-Ding ( for ye veggies there is the same dish cooked in Yam both makes one swoon 😋Anglo-Indian fish Croquettes 😋 Classic Nana's Bobo pepper fry ( Bobo is the Anglo name for chicken because obviously the sound ) 😋 Delectable prawn vindaloo. Authentic as if you are it in Mangalore's shores 😋 The stellar Indian Mutton mince Ball curry Every dish has its own vegetarian counterpart with equal taste so no one misses anything . The Grandma's milk pudding swept me off my feet. . Catch this while you can #chennaifoodie #wherechennaieats #chennaifoodguide #chennaifoodblogger #happymomlifestyle #lifeandlensblog

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Live Musical with Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig Musical comes to your city to unleash the world of Peppa Pig amid absolute fun and magic at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, Chennai. Brought to you by Live Viacom18, in association with BookMyShow, this excitement for kids comes to life through a musical as they watch their favourite Peppa, Georgie, Mummy and Daddy Pig break into a song and dance while subtly teaching the kids important life lessons. Witness Peppa’s magical world filled with love and laughter as you engage in playing games, dressing up and jumping with joy in muddy puddles with the pig family. Tickets are available at BookMyShow website.

Dates: 30th November – 01st December (Saturday-Sunday)
Venue: Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall,
Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai – 31
Show timings:
30th November – 11:30 AM, 3:00 PM, 6:30 PM
01st December – 11:30 AM and 3:00 PM


Green Diwali what that means for me and the toddler

With each festival comes it’s own customs. Are you making your own rituals with your baby?
With the current global scenario of eco consciousness it’s best to instill this young in the minds of our children and to do it consistently.
Every Diwali me and Sey have taken an oath to plant a new  and add some more green to our evolving terrace garden ❣️
Is it time to rethink our customs and make somethings new that will suit our current state of ecological crisis ?
Leave your thoughts in comments.
Thank you for this intiative.
#mamaearth #gogreen #itstime #ecofriendlyliving

Sumeru Presents Masterclass with Sashi Cheliah

MasterChef is one of the few television series that I never miss. I have followed every season diligently and we always watch it together as a family. We take sides and vote for our favourite dish and who should be out that week.

Sashi was everyone’s favourite and when he was in elimination I was bitting my nails furiously. We celebrated his winning MasterChef as if it was our own!

You can then imagine the excitement in my house when we heard Sashi was going to be in Chennai.

The event ‘Classroom Kitchen’ by Sashi Cheliah (Masterchef Australia – winner 2018) was held in aid of a brighter future for underprivileged children, presented by Sumeru in association with MMRT42. The noble cause was to raise funds & enable a brighter future for under privileged children by constructing classrooms & school infrastructure.

SUMERU is one of the very few brands that has been collaborating with celebrity chefs for a long time now. SUMERU has been trying to change the perception of frozen food in our country through its innovations and more nutritious product offerings for this fast and fit generation.

The stage was set at the flying elephant at Park Hyatt, guindy and the parents and kids had lined up enthusiastic to meet their favourite chef and interact with him

Sashi was energetic and friendly with the children and they loved him. He answered their questions patiently while cooking up his winning dish like a pro. He cooked for us the famous sambal prawns and herb salad. Everyone present got to taste the prawns and they were heavenly. Delicately balanced with a burst of flavours in your mouth. He is a master no less.

Here is our click with sashi and a sweet memorabilia from SUMERU foods

Sumeru launched their authentic style filter coffee at the event. Its made in seconds but with that rustic taste that will remind you of your grandmother’s kitchen.

All in all it was a great kind of weekend for me!



The JFW Showcase was a remarkable occurrence in the contemporary kids’ fashion fraternity showcasing a superfluity of global kids-wear brands encompassing brands like- U. S. Polo Assn. Kids, Hugo BOSS , DKNY, The Children’s Place, Little Marc Jacobs, Flying Machine Boyzone, Timberland and Billieblush.

Junior’s Fashion Week is an elite platform for kids. It showcases the gentry of kids’ apparels, footwear, accessories and everything else for kids from four to fourteen years. The final showcase is preceded by grooming workshops that include ramp-walk training, the social propriety tutoring, professional photo-shoot sessions, confidence building sessions and teamwork training. The JFW workshops are graced by renowned show directors whose lessons provide the little ones with a fun-filled experience to invade the kids modeling industry by prepping their personalities and assimilating their enthusiasm towards flawlessness. The workshops aid the aspiring child models with the knowledge and comfort to walk the ramp with confidence and face the camera with utter nonchalance. 

Intended to expand an opulent audience’s brand awareness, JFW brings the genuine embodiment of brands to the forefront. JFW works with distinguished brands, emerging brands and provides a diving board for fresh launches. The JFW shows put a spell of charm on its attendees that carries numerous advantages for the brands. It acquaints the market with potential buyers and experts with the objective of rampant promotion and branding.

The showcase stands to be an edutainment platform for the little ones who anticipate a fashion adept environment and experience the thrill of walking on the runway as a child model. JFW is the Holy Grail for the youthful lovely individuals of the world. Each season JFW puts forward the trend forecasts of the upcoming season established brands and sprouting brands that are persistent with kids’ fashion and way of lifestyle. JFW comprehends the specialty of individual associates and connects with the contending audiences comparatively. Each brand’s needs are unique and JFW identifies with their needs in an organized and well chalked out manner.

JFW is all suited up for the Autumn-Winter ’19 season. The children’s wear industry is ready to greet the prolific trends of the coming season with open arms at the JFW Chennai grandstand. The Runway Showcase is set to take place on 18th of August 2019, preceded by the workshop on 17th August at The Westin, Chennai.  The majestic JFW Runway Showcase is certain to leave the audiences spellbound. The attendees would witness the awe-inspiring Autumn-Winter’19 collection of international kids-wear brands.