Gentle Parenting : Concept to Practicality

To all the women who amidst healing from their own trauma are struggling to raise an emotionally balanced child ! I come from a household where the cane was not spared during my childhood. My mother was a teacher and that authority was carried home too. Sometimes I missed “mom” because here was a disciplinarian…

How Byju’s Keeps Kids Engaged

In general, children have a shorter attention span when compared to adults. At the growing phase, because of their hyper-active senses, children can get very easily distracted by sensorial experiences. They are rather curious and find it difficult to sit down and focus on one talk. An average child has an attention span of the…

Nasty is the new nice : new moms guide to unwarranted advice

What’s wrong in being nice ? Nothing. Only that it shouldn’t cross that yellow line to become people pleasing. That’s masochistic. This starts well before a woman attains motherhood. The conditioning starts much earlier. It is one of the main reasons our new moms are unhappy many a days. Stop telling your teenager who slept…

Montessori parenting is not complicated: it is the simplest solution.

One of the major conflicts in parenting style arises because we fail to understand our toddlers and they don’t have the resources yet to communicate that to us. Here are some #montessoriathome principles. How often do we actually just watch and observe our kids? Letting them flow, their imagination wild and following their mind cues….


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