Vaccinating Your Child during the Covid Pandemic: What should Parents know?

“The world may be battling a COVID-19 outbreak but as a mother, I have a child to raise.”  A healthy lifestyle may be in the mind of adults now more than ever, but as parents, this has been our focus for the past few years. I have always striven to give my kids nutritious food […]

How to know if your child is allergic to something

Every sneeze during the Covid-19 time got me worried and frustrated. Recently, my toddler had an episode of a runny nose that gave me the chills. When we took him to the doctor, we were told that my child was probably allergic to dust.  Since my husband is also allergic to dust, we knew what […]

Girls come in all shapes and sizes

Every girl has stood in front of the mirror and seen a stranger look back at her. I look at older photographs of myself and realize how “thin” or greatly shaped I was 2 years ago. Yet if you quizzed the 28 year old me, I would have said I was fat and wanted to […]

Real Life Wars- My story from being a Victim to a Survivor

Author- Anonymous The author’s identity has been protected respecting her privacy. It is no less a nightmare to be abused in your own house that was supposedly your haven. Imagine the same happening in a foreign land. You are separated by from your friends and family by time and distance. You are separated from the […]

Emotional Abuse and How to recognize it?

I can safely assume that by now we as women are liberated enough to recognize physical abuse and raise our voices over it. The same cannot be said about emotional abuse or emotional domestic violence plainly because one has no visible scars to show for the proof of abuse even to oneself. But the scars […]

Diaries are a girl’s best friend- not diamonds.

Most of us began writing in diaries when we were probably teens. It transitioned to wordpads, secret online password protected notes but there is something earthy and ethereal about the connections  of the ink to paper. It feels like a painting and not just words. It gives one a sense of release that little else […]