Stimulation of Senses – A simple excercise for Post Partum Depression

I remember as a new mom how anxious I was about every small detail concerning the baby. My hands would constantly go to my phone for answers – some of which font exist as black and white.

Is my supply enough ?

Is my baby’s tummy full?

Why is he pooping in that colour ?

Why is he crying ? – is there ever a right answer for why the new born is crying ?

Our fingers are busy scrolling and swiping our necks bent – how much information are we processing while consuming?

The first week I was too exhilarated to feel gloomy surrounded by family and friends who were vising my new born and bringing gifts. After my husband returned back to work the gloom slowly set in. Partly due to the exhaustion thay comes with new motherhood but mostly due to the cluelessness. I wish I had the resources or someone to tell me that I was feeling anxiety.

Many new mums can relate with this feeling and if untreated the anxiety can lead to serious depression. The hormones aren’t in a new mother’s favour either.

The simplest way to distract someone from an anxiety episode is to stimulate the senses and make them feel the reality around them. It is a kind of grounding excercise.

Everytime you feel that overload – here is a 5 sense grounding excercise for you.

➡️Sight- Spot 3 things in your living room that stand out to your eyes- describe them mentally, the colours, shapes, how light plays on it – the shadows. This is why cleaning up your surrounding immediately brightens your mood. Surround yourself with aesthetic decor and furniture.

➡️Hearing- I do this everyday with my morning tea. Close your eyes and listen to 3 sounds that you can distinguish around you. The fan, the cukoo , the distant train horn. It’s a blissful experience

➡️Touch – So many of us express our feelings primarily by touch. Next time you hug your toddler/spouse experience it. The firm hold,the texture of the shirt, their rythmic breathing under your skin. You can feel out your cushion, your dog your bedsheet. Indulge in the pressure. But the best touch is the skin to skin with your new born. It can be so rewarding.

➡️Smell- it is one of the strongest stimulants since it’s the first developed sense for survival. Anyone misses that newnborn smell as much as I do ? Again closing the eyes help. The strong smell of coffee, the flowers in your garden, the musk of a pencil shaving.

➡️Taste- the main reason one is adviced to eat device free. Experience the taste of what you consume is therapy in itself. Not just taste the texture, the small morsels as you squish them around your mouth. Pro tip: The fastest way to loose weight too. Chocolates and fresh strawberries are instant mood enhancers too.

Try it and let me know which is your dominant sense. Mine is touch. It is different for each individual. It’s time to connect with yourself inside in order to process the outside world in a better way.

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  1. Harshita says:

    Thank you for the grounding exercises,I sometimes feel we live in a world with sensory overload, but these will help focus them


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