Body Shame: Don’t carry your weight

To some it is just water, to me it is where I regain my sanity!
When your body is too tired, swim with your heart!

Girls come in all shapes!

What you stare at in admiration on social media is a pixel perfect version of the human who posed for the shot. The real human being has pores on her skin, wrinkles and real hips.

We have been carrying our bodies around with mismatched souls trapped inside and yearning for bikini model bodies to replace ours.

Have you felt this way too?
How often have we been body shammed and kept quiet about it, even accepted it willingly.
How often have you labelled yourself fat?
How often have you wanted someone else’s body?
How often do we accept that only women with so called perfect figures can be #models and #influencers? Alas even pose bravely showing off their bodies! You and me can’t, we are ashamed of it. Why

A highly quoted article” That Swimsuit Becomes You”
Talks about the “objectification theory”
that encourages a woman to accept and believe her observers perspective of her body as opposed to her own opinion of it. Yes that same squirmish feeling you get upon sporting a swimsuit- because you are looking at yourself from the objectifiers point of view.

This self-objectification is hypothesized to
(a) produce body shame, which in turn leads to restrained eating, and
(b) consume attentional resources, which is manifested in diminished mental performance.

You are not only spoiling your own mental health but also setting a very bad example, igniting a pattern for the next generation by letting the girls believe their body isn’t normal. That their body is unaesthetic.

As a mother this particular subject is much more complex and terribly more relevant. If you can’t love your body how will you model to your daughter?
Would you be feeding your fears and insecurities of post partum body?
Would you impress upon your son that only women with a certain physical appearance are beautiful?

What is the one feature that you are super proud of ?
I have #greatskin beautiful eyes and an envious eyebrow ❣️

Enough of concentrating on all our negativity
Each of us are blessed with some amazing features that we are super proud of but never say because you don’t want to appear shallow.

But why not ? When you jump up to name your negatives- to label yourself with them.. isn’t it right to own your positives ?
This is the first step to #bodyacceptance .
Slowly we will learn to embrace it all.

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