How Byju’s Keeps Kids Engaged

In general, children have a shorter attention span when compared to adults. At the growing phase, because of their hyper-active senses, children can get very easily distracted by sensorial experiences. They are rather curious and find it difficult to sit down and focus on one talk. An average child has an attention span of the number of age multiplied by two – i.e., a 6-year-old child can focus on a talk for a maximum of 12-15 minutes.

The initial learning years of the child are also when the mind is a fresh clean slate. At this stage, children’s minds are extremely absorbent to learn and grasp new concepts. They also have a greater capacity to memorise and learn topics through play and application rather than theory. Therefore, the most ideal way to teach a child something new is to give them what they love during their learning journey. When work becomes play, the child can work beyond his capacity.

Byju’s App for Kids – One Stop Destination for Unlimited Fun

A child invests himself in a task more wholeheartedly if there is a takeaway for him in it. With children and their holistic learning experiences at the heart of their focus, Byju’s has joined hands with Disney and developed the Disney Byju’s Early Learning App. The core objective of the app is to make learning fun and engaging for children. It is built with children aged between 6-10 years in mind.

The Disney Byju’s app brings alive the child’s favourite Disney characters from well-known and loved movies like Frozen, Cars, Toy Story, Princess, and many more in its interactive sessions. Concepts to be learnt are woven into the app with a fundamental and easy-to-grasp model so that children can comprehend it without any difficulty. Imagine learning multiplication concepts with your favourite Disney Princess – Isn’t that the dream!

Furthermore, Byju’s app is also designed to be customised. In essence, it observes every child’s learning pattern and absorbs information as your child consumes various features of the app. Their learning journey will, in time, be tailored to each child’s individual pace and strength.
The app is also comprehensive – there are multiple levels of stimulation available, starting from stories to games and even puzzles for children to solve. They also provide on-the-go assessments with worksheets so you can comprehend how much your child has understood said concepts.

Personally, what I loved is the Parent Zone that gives real-time updates on each child’s progress so that parents can keep track of where their child is excelling and where they need help. This truly helps us connect with our child’s learning.

In an age where the whole world is now likened to Silicon Valley, and screen time has become an integral part of our lives; this app ensures productive usage of digital devices by kids in their learning journey.

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