Montessori parenting is not complicated: it is the simplest solution.

One of the major conflicts in parenting style arises because we fail to understand our toddlers and they don’t have the resources yet to communicate that to us.

Here are some #montessoriathome principles.

How often do we actually just watch and observe our kids? Letting them flow, their imagination wild and following their mind cues. All you need is 20 mins a day of #undividedattention

Try it ! You will be astonished what you find.
How to observe ?
Regularly, set aside sometime to observe them and record their activities. Choose different times in a day atleast 5 times a week.

I use my phone’s voice recorder later as it’s easier than a notebook for me but you may chose to take notes too in a baby journal. Sit at a passive distance (close enough to prevent self harm, far enough not to distract him)

Record – points that fascinate them (useful to create activities around that) , things that trigger tantrum, what ways he is using a single toy ( indicates cognitive development and problem solving skills)

Things to notice when your child plays:

1.Which toy do they select from the basket and how they use them.
2. Does he play alone or immediately turn to you to play with them (talks a lot of they are introverts or social)
3. Slowly you will note patterns, what kind of play they prefer at what time of the day.
4. Do they move from one play to other silently or with disruption ( disruption indicates your home/ play room is not a safe environment for the child and needs modification)
5 . Is there a room in the house they prefer to play at? What attracts them to that particular room? Can you modify their play room to please them to play there.
6. The goal is not to intervene, just observe and record. Don’t react or them to play in any direction. This is you understanding your child not you trying to change them.

This has changed how I react to my child at home. It has drastically changed how we play together and helps me understand how to introduce a new activity to him.

This blogposts was written for #blogchatter challenge

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