Lifestyle changes after new motherhood: Pro-tips

For the past nine months it was all about you. Everyone fussed on how much you are and what made you happy. At the smallest sign of discomfort people would rush to your calling. Now the baby is out and suddenly no one seems to care,atleast not about you. There was a point in the middle of lonely night feeds and innumerable diaper changes that this feeling crept upon me. Is that how every new mom feels ? I wondered

Night becomes morning and the clock keeps ticking!

I am awake most of the nights and barely manage to steal 3 hours of sleep at stretch, yet this little human doesn’t seem satisfied and is always crying and fussing. Everyone seems to think it is something I ate or didn’t eat. Is that something you can connect with ?

New motherhood is tiring. If you are exclusively breastfeeding it might be tougher but let me remind you it’s definitely worth it in the long run. No one told me it’s only 12 weeks. That’s how long any baby and mommy take to settle. So take the first twelve weeks slow. You are going to be indoors for most of the 12 weeks so here are some tips that might come handy

Pro tips on how to stay indoors but not loose your mind !

‼️ Set a Routine: we thrive on routine, just because you are in your maternity leave doesn’t mean you stop being yourself.

‼️Use this time during pregnancy to declutter the house: this was a great family activity to do together, we got to chatting and throwing things around and the house is finally cleaner. The more space you will have to welcome the new born. Go into the 12 weeks we’ll armed.

‼️Stealing a little outdoor inside: no don’t step out of the house but hello there is still your balcony and the terrace. Doing a brisk walk in the terrace every morning as soon as you are given the green signal by your gynecologist.

‼️Set the mood: Have music on in the house in the background, light some candles and essential oils in the evening. Indulge and relax.

‼️Don’t always stay together: it can get boring looking at the baby all the time and this is the main reason for Mom burn outs. Go video chat your friends, lock yourself in a room and read or do something for yourself everyday. Sleep is self-care.

‼️Limit screen time: Just because you are indoors if you are attached to the social media it’s going to raise your anxiety nevertheless. Do not Google your or your child’s symptoms. Reach out to trusted forums for help but restrict screens to a particular number of hours a day.

‼️ Hydrate regularly. It’s one of the surest ways to be a successful mom.

The other side of Motherhood is greener for real. The first few weeks are the toughest. It’s the most difficult thing I have done in my life but am proud of myself.

It is all about survival for both you and your child.

This blogpost was written for #blogchatte challenge

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