Imagination and Child development : Unicorns and Rainbows are important

The development of the imagination during childhood helps as adults to perform many of the tasks that daily life demands. As adults we constantly use imagination to help invent new things, visualize, solve problems, enjoy a movie, understand others’ perspectives, make plans, come up with ideas, and think creatively. #askmorefromyourtoys

If you aim to raise a wholistic, brainy and equipped adult encourage #pretendplay in your child

Typical developmental pretend play progresses through predictable stages:

✅Self-pretend(12-18 months) During this stage, children perform one pretend action at a time on themselves, such as pretending to eat.

✅Simple pretend(18-24 months) Children at this stage perform simple pretend actions on toys or people. Eg . Using a plane toy and making it fly

✅Series of familiar actions(24-30 months) Just as children this age are learning to combine words together to make little sentences, they are also learning to combine pretend actions together. At this stage, children can act out a series of pretend actions. For example, the child may get out a toy bowl and spoon, pretend to pour cereal into the bowl, add some milk, and serve it to a doll. Children can use less realistic objects at this stage.

✅Series of less familiar actions(30-36 months) Less familiar themes enter children’s play at this stage. They may pretend about going to the doctor or being a waiter at a restaurant. Children can pretend without an object

✅Role play with other children(3-5 years) Children pretend about imaginary themes now (things which do not really exist or that the child hasn’t experienced yet in real life), such as pirates, castles, and superheroes. Children start to pretend with other children at this stage, each taking on different roles.

While it’s impossible to invest in all these toys needed for pretend I take Sey to a safe play area which is toddler safe. The possibility of play is numerous and they interact with stranger kids and learn to co-play which is essential for social development.

What’s your child’s favourite pretend ? Let’s share ideas here.

It’s all in your imagination post was written as a part of blogchattera2z challenge.

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  1. Harjeet Kaur says:

    My grandsons play super heroes or he is adinosaur. I don’t remember what my kids used to do.


  2. Varsh says:

    My son made friends with cartoon characters while my daughter talks to her soft toys like they’re people. Pretend play is fun, and not just for kids!


  3. Pr@Gun says:

    Imagination and creative thinking help kids to develop problem-solving skills, and overall development too. Pretending to work on the laptop as WFH, pretending as a scientist inventing something new, the car racer these are my kiddos favorite pretend plays.


  4. Oh my daughter changes it by the minute she is teacher, Geronimo, fairy and a queen in an hour. A lovely and pertinent post.
    Deepika Sharma


  5. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    Now my girls are almost teen agers but I remember they used tp play lots of pretend play, when they were little. indeed it is best way to develop imagination power in kids.


  6. pythoroshan says:

    Had never really considered these kind of subdivisions but after reading it, it makes a lot of sense


  7. My lo is 2.2 . yes, she is trying to speak out a few words together to form a sentence.


  8. Archana says:

    Agree; pretend play is amusing along with learning. My 2YO daughter started to pretend to play these days like doctor game, mommy-daughter game, friend-friend game, etc.


  9. My daughter now a days is a spy and her public face is queen to hide her secret identity as a spy and I am her side kick


  10. My daughter love pretend play a lot . She is enacting a different character each day . Sometimes she is a teacher or a doctor and lot of other things .


  11. Pretend play and role play is something which a child do at a certain age which helps them to improve their imagination. I remember my kids used to pretend like a teacher and mom..


  12. Navita Bhatia says:

    Pretend play is certaily a great tool to promote imagination, creativity, communication skills, and confidence. In my house, we get to see someone loaded with weapons, pretending to fight with some “bad guys”.


  13. Ruchie says:

    My both kids play together but still they add imaginarily and their favorite cartoon characters while playing!!


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