Goal Setting : Parents have milestones too

Eyes on the prize!

Where is your finish line?

Why is goal setting so important in life ?
Frankly without a purpose in life all that we will be is a lost soul. We all go through this at various stages of life. I found myself in such a square six months after my delivery. I went from working 18 hour days (practising dentistry and being pregnant) to child birth and the first six months of sleepless exclusive breastfeeding. It was six months of second guessing, doubting and researching every single thing as simple as a sneeze. After we started the baby on solids and by then I could get a hold on the quizzical world of motherhood I found myself with significant voids of time where I could practically do anything I wanted with my life (well anything that my 7mo old would allow)

Did you know what I ended up doing?
Nothing! Will nothing other than overthinking and Googling of course!

And spiralled into a dark and lonely place demeaning a lot of principles that I stood up for. They tell you post partum depression is the worst but talk to moms with toddlers and they will tell you that the real mood swings and depressions are self inflicted and come much later and harsher than the hormones ever were.

Am idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

One day I looked in the mirror and saw an eyebrows unkept, hair unwashed, living in pajamas person who I frankly found disgusting.

This was when I realised the power of direction. Where there is a path, a promise – there is happiness.

It comes in various forms for everyone. It may be getting back to your career. It maybe simple lifestyle choices for you and your family. I have seen many women become homeowners in this stage of their life.
Find that direction. Fix your goal. Your life might not change upside down in a day but work for that change constantly.

It is after all in the darkness that the best and brightest a light will shine

As you prepare yourself for new motherhood also prepare yourself for the after.

Answer questions such as when will you return to work after the baby?

Who will nurture the infant at that time?

Can you afford a sabbatical of free years to raise them until they are toddlers

If so what other project other than parenting will you pursue part-time.

If you find yourself at home with the cold for free years you can use this time to pursue courses not readily available online to enhance your career. You can work on projects of early education and activities for your baby. You can start dressing up and blogging about it as I did on my Instagram

You will be ok
We will hold each other’s hands till you are ❣️

This post is written for #blogchattera2z challenge

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