Bad Mom to Bad Ass Mom : transformation story.

You are a Bad Mom!

Stand in the mirror and say that to yourself. The day you don’t move a muscle on your face hearing that statement is the day you would have won the battle. You have truly become a Bad Ass Mom.

I am a bad ass mom !

Everyone you ever meet is going to have an opinion about your parenting. Somehow giving birth to humans a few years ahead of you have them a PhD degree on your child. Apparently they know just the cure to your child’s every woe and it often begins with something you are doing wrong.

Darling face the reality the world isn’t a bed of roses and not everyone giving advices is looking out for you. Hence neither should you bother about them.

People like to dig. It gives them some sadistic pleasure or they are just plainly insensitive to your pain. In their teens your own kids are going to call you this- a bad mom🥴

We were judged for various things in our life before and have successfully managed to shrug it off . Then why not this ?

Dear new mom, you are going to be judged and commented and compared. In the beginning days of uncertainty you are going to be vulnerable to these comments. In the early days yours hormones are going to be raging and to feel insecure is the last thing you need.

Five techniques that helped me survive

1. Do not participate in the conversation that is toxic. By arguing you are losing your peace of mind.

2. Understand that to them it’s like talking about anything as irrelevant to their life as the weather but to you- it’s your baby. Don’t expect them to be sensitive. Be insensitive to their comments.

3. Refrain from entertaining them again if that’s a possibility. Why subject yourself to the audience of fools ?

4. Surround yourself with your people. People you can vent to maybe after such a scenario and someone who would understand your mood swings.

5. Assure them that this was what your grandmother adviced to do. If it’s your own grandmother talking, tell her this was what the doctor ordered us to do.

The only way to face this is healing from the inside-out . You can’t control them but you can control how you react to them and you can avoid some of these people from your inner circle. It’s vital to surround yourself with positive people till you feel strong enough to take the world on your own.

No one is a good mother simply because it’s not a contest to be judged and compared against. It’s like judging who breathes better amongst us. It is senseless. Motherhood is instinctive. Listen to your instincts.

Be a mom, breathe , repeat

This post is written for #blogchattera2z challenge

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  1. Harshita says:

    How very true, people love giving unsolicited gyan!


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