5 habits to help you be a happy mom.

The first couple of years as a mother is the toughest. Especially if you are a mom for the first time. The main reason is because these are the years you are most gullible and allow yourself to be judged by everyone around you. If you take notice everyone starting from your mother-in-law, next door neighbor to the women who brings you grocery has an opinion about your baby and your parenting style.

Is a happy mom only a myth ?

While people will talk as long as they have a mouth , it is also young mothers who invite the talk by being affected by it. Let me assure you I am not victim blaming here. I am pointing out to the fact that- why victimise yourself in the first place?

The popular, “Why is your baby so thin. Are you feeding him or not ?” – My response, my baby has bone weight aunty. His doctor reassures us that he is most heathy a baby can get- no fat, only healthy muscle and bone.

When in true fact – there is no such thing as bone weight. How do you explain BMI to uneducated and ignorant aunties ? You don’t. You give them an answer in their own language.

It comes handy to equip yourself with smart responses to FAQs because if you notice they only diss only certain aspects of your parenting style. In India atleast plump, silent and babies with thick hair are usually spared. Baby shaming is a violence against domestic peace. As the primary care provider dont ever let anyone shame you or your baby. He aggressively protective. You can blame it on the hormones later.

I have formulated some best practices that might help you be in the right frame of mind to combat the abuses thrown at you and your baby. Here goes:

1. Sleep to be a Happy Mom
     The importance of a good 8 hours sleep cannot be stressed upon for the positive mental state of a mother. Unfortunately in traditional families sleep, food and diaper duties are solely the mother’s. While modern nuclear families still see better division of parenting responsibilities ( especially those living abroad and influenced by other cultures ) there is still a long way to go before we can share the responsibility of calming a baby to sleep. Babies for the first two years are fussy and light sleepers. They wake up frequently for feed, warmth and comfort. How does a woman whose sleep cycle has been disrupted continually for a number of months function sanely ? The best practices are to sleep with the baby and not have any chores after putting baby to sleep, taking a nap through the day when baby sleeps and handing the baby over to someone else in the early morning hours (preferably 3am onwards because baby is less likely to be hungry at this time ) and try catching a 4 hr sleep at stretch.

2. Excercise to be a Happy Mom
As ironic as it sounds to a new mom who is eternally tired, excercise often helps release hormones that will relieve mental stress. Here is the common misconception that excercise means lifting 2kg weights the first day or 30 mins of cardio. While many moms who were fitness freaks all their lives are still able to achieve it do only what works for you and your body.  Carrying your baby and walking in your terrace is excercise too. Baby is happy to be snuggled on your shoulders and fresh air and sunlight benefits you both.

3. Romance to be a Happy Mom
Being a mom 24/7 is a thankless job. Do not forget that you as a woman have many avatars. The most rewarding one right now can be a bit of pampering from the better half. The best time to discuss some ground rules on how often you are going to spend time with each other alone and what arrangements you will make for the baby at that time should be when you are pregnant. Yes it’s that important, as important as getting a nursery ready for the baby, if not more. At least once or twice a week depending on your schedules plan for some alone time. Go for a date and talk about yourselves. Ask your husband how he is doing ? Your healthy relationship with each other guarantees a happy life for the baby. There should be no superficial guilt in leaving the kid with loved ones for a few hours a week.

4. Eat to be a Happy Mom
Soon after pregnancy a woman’s insecurities about her body multiplies immensely. Is it hormones ? Is it social conditioning ? Is it just us ? Remember that your body went through confounding changes for 9 whole months. Expanded to house a 2-3kg baby and now is struggling to shrink back into its old space. How can you expect it to be in a shape portrayed by media ? Even normal non-pregnant women are not in those shapes dear. Have a healthy relationship with food. Don’t feel guilty about what you eat as this will become a huge cycle of binge eating junk food. Develop healthy cravings. Drink a lot of water most of our hunger pangs are actually mistaken thirst. Think about that.

5. Be chatty to be a Happy Mom
   It is most important to have a momgroup. There is an unexplainable amount relief in sharing your experiences with someone who is going through the same and can reassure you that it only gets better. Surround yourself with a positive group of mothers and meet them or talk to them often in a healthy atmosphere.

A happy mom is not a myth . She lives in each and everyone of us. Like any other badge one has to earn it. Yes happiness takes a conscious and consistent effort. It’s ok to be dull for some time. It’s ok to be sad but it is important to pick oneself up each and every time.

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  1. Harjeet Kaur says:

    % points all very true. Moms need me time and need destress. Being happy, exercising and of course talk to the kids.


  2. Monidipa Dutta says:

    I had seen my sister in law and learnt and now I agree me time for moms are important.


  3. Love this post!!!! I am a first time mom and new mom and so feel all of this! As spring comes and the warm air comes I’m hoping it motivates me to stick to my workout routine. Helps so much! Thanks for sharing this ❤️


  4. Very valid points. Moms also need their ME time and some time with their girl friends then only they can be happy and can raise happy kids


  5. mahekg says:

    Motherhood is demanding and we must follow these habits to be happy ourselves to give happiness around.


  6. Alpana Deo says:

    Agree with all the points. Happy moms do exits. Infant, becoming a mom-this itself is a reason t be happy. But as it comes with many other challenges, especially during the first few years, the happiness goes on the back burner and worry, frustration, irritation takes the front seat. But the points that yo have mentioned can make this journey smooth. One more point that I would like to add is doing that makes us happy. It can be anything which is other than baby care.


  7. Vasumathi says:

    Nice post. Let the people talk…you continue to do your thing as long as it is working for your baby. No all kids are the same…similarly not all parenting styles are the same. As long as the style suits you and your partner and the baby continues to receive the nutrition it deserves, it should be good.


  8. Firstly I agree on the aunties comments. Yes they are someone who constantly worried about the baby. And weight and food as you said. And I second d agree on, the workout to be happy. Good point for a mom to keep in mind.


  9. Madhu Bindra says:

    Each and every point you listed is very important. If a mom is not happy, it affects the child. They are very sensitive. And you are right, the happiness is in our hands. It takes an effort.


  10. First time mom or mom to 2 or more, we allow so many people and things get in the way of our happiness. very well written.


  11. I agree with all the happy points to be a happy mom and also shun the baggage of becoming a perfect mom just be a happy mom 🙂


  12. Ritu says:

    I am not a parent, but am sure these tips would be extremely useful for new moms. You are right, people are going to judge no matter what.


  13. Mayuri6 says:

    Such simple tips which will bring about big changes in how a Mom feels. Being a Mom is a 24*7 job and every suggestion to ease it helps.


  14. Archana says:

    Bang on tips to deal with the criticisms newly become young moms have to face by the people around, once they know how to handle those most smartly, mom and baby both are sorted. Well said every mom deserves their good care and self-time.


  15. Shahira says:

    u r so right when u say the first few years of being a mom are the toughest because we do not know how to deal with those unwanted comments and unsolicited advice! Thanks for sharing these tips..i agree with them all…


  16. Raunica says:

    This is so true yet we forget ourselves in caring for family. I have written on something similar ” why do we mother’s put so much pressure on ourselves” and second ever word you’ve said


  17. aishwaryaverma1119 says:

    Very nice pointers and must to follow by every momie 🙂 nicely highlighted !!


  18. Abha Mondal says:

    Definitely happy mom is not a myth. I have learned it over the years. I struggled with my first baby but now I know how to be happy mom.


  19. Arti Singh says:

    That’s such a positive blog something that I needed on a Sunday…. eat and Sleep is what I am following 😴


  20. Supriti says:

    Definitely. Do all of that to be a happy mom. Happy mothers make happier homes and the happiest place to live in. Loved every word of ur post. It resonates so well.


  21. Amritha Srinath says:

    Well Said! I thoroughly believe that a happy mom makes a happy child. So moms need to focus on themselves too, relax and rejoice a little. Like Abha has mentioned in the comment, I struggled too when I had my first baby. My baby was cheerful and slept well, despite of which I was constantly unhappy as the people around me kept me on my toes. I never had any ME time. This time however, I chose things differently. I have been wrtiting ever since Hridaan was born, actively read books, listened to music, etc. I still have sleepless nights, as my second baby is a night owl, but I am still happy, loving and tending to my children and husband, doing all my chores and taking time out for myself.


  22. Bhawna Shah says:

    Mom is taking care of everybody, so it is required that she should take care of herself too. Yesterday I attended a Meditation class where they have told us to arrange sometime for yourself, for your happiness or for your mental health.


  23. Glad and happy that this post of your would help new moms. I’m glad that I do all of this and enjoy me time


  24. Me time is the happy time for all the mommies. We need to take a break from our mundane routine and do something interesting.


  25. Totally agree with you. Happy moms can raise happy kids .Moms also need their ME time then only they can be happy .


  26. Thank you so much for telling us that these simple habits can bring such a huge change in our lives. A lot of people think that only when you sacrifice your sleep you can be a good mother. That is so wrong in reality.

    Only a Happy Mother can raise a Happy Child.


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