Book Review : Excess Baggage by Richa S. Mukherjee

Book Blurb
Of late, Anvisha Punjabi can’t seem to get anything right. She is in the middle of ending her second marriage, barely able to keep any friends and repeatedly getting into trouble at work. And if all that weren’t enough, she has to put up with her gregarious and overbearing sixty-seven year old mother as a house mate. What happens when they decide to globe-trot together?
Slowly what was supposed to be a soul searching journey for one turns into a life-alterimg experience for two.

Author : Richa S. Mukherjee
Pages: 312
Genre : comedy, contemporary fiction
Cover Design : Sanchita Jain
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Harper Collins

Courtesy : The Hindustan times online

This is Richa’s third book. Her earlier book Kanpur Koofiya Pvt ltd is currently being adapted as a tele-series. This current book is in the talks of being adapted into a movie.

This is the first book I have read in the many years of my bibliophilic life where the protagonist is an anthropologist, yet that seems so apt for the character. Anviksha may be an expert in reading people and understanding human patterns but that in itself works as a curse upon her interpersonal relationships. For one, her mother thinks she is a loner, when in truth Anviksha prefers to observe and absorb the goings of human mind as a silent observer at the background.

I loved how the book address a second time divorcee which is still taboo in a country like India- where when it comes to marriages it is best to sweep the problems under your bed and sleep on it.

My opinion : The book to me was all about being an adult and still experiencing your life in a soup. It is about the unrest of so-called wrong decisions taken in life and the baggage that comes with it. The judgement that the society so quickly springs up to give is organically portrayed with humour.

Character sketches : There are two conflicting schools-of-popular-thought portrayed in the book. One is the conservative and quintessential Indian mother who imagines an ideal life for her daughter as the cure to her very own troubles that she refuses to acknowledge or face. The other of a liberal, feminist daughter who aims to live life in her own terms yet feels guilty for not matching up to her mother’s idealism. The tug of war is beautifully portrayed in this book.
I simply loved the quirky quips of Mrs.Punjabi who for once instance compares Southall with Chandni Chowk. Her character portrayal is point on. As for Anviksha, every reader would be able to relate a part of themselves with her.

Literature : The language is rich. I definitely learnt many new adjectives. The book is splurged with so many resplendent words that at some places it seemed forced to me. Nevertheless the language was a pleasure to read and the voice subtle yet powerful.

Plot : The book is definitely a page turner. It has all the quintessential selling points- a confused but strong willed protagonist , a conflicting yet doting parent and world travel but the magic is the humour that the author has so brilliantly woven into the plot. The witticism is the win of this book.

Verdict : Witty, Dramatic and Indian.

Rating : 4/5

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  1. I liked the plot. It has so many elements. Will give it a read.


  2. delhifundos2014 says:

    Oh wow! This review made me feel to read it once. Glad you shared an honest review with us. great work though. Gonna surely check this out once..


  3. jhilmildsaha says:

    The book sounds like a very interesting read with lot of engaging elements. I am surely going to get it.


  4. I was intrigued after reading a glimpse of your review on Instagram. It seems like a light and fun read and I think I’ll pick it up for myself.


  5. sonam jain says:

    I found this interesting ..joining a book reading challenge and adding this one in the list right away


  6. It looks like an interesting read. Will go by your review and will read it soon.


  7. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    Excess Baggage seems to be a really interesting and gripping book. It is a really candid review and gives a peek into what the book promises.


  8. Wow seems like a great read. I will pick it up for my next read, thanks for the review.


  9. This book has a lot of positive reviews and it seems to be a great one. Will check it out.


  10. Monidipa Dutta says:

    Your review is amazing. Yeah, I read the book. While reading the book I kept chuckling to myself as the book was written with so many funny incidents. The best part of the book is that we all can relate to the story. Like if anyone reads the book, then he/she will be able to connect with one or more characters and see the resemblance between their families.


  11. Minal says:

    I am surely going to get it … as it has so many points new to get to know … so many new things


  12. I’m not into books but still loved your review. Looks like Excess Baggage will be a good read based on what I read in your post. Will recommend it to my friends.


  13. mummatalks says:

    Your review makes me wanna get the book soon and read it. The plot seems to be interesting and its surely a good and light read to enjoy with that cup of coffee on a lazy day.


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