The Artisan Indian Skincare Brand that is turning heads !

The world is going natural for the skin and it is an obvious incline towards Indian skin care brands because the principles stem from organic everyday ingredients. Just as eating seasonal fruits grown locally is proven healthy for one’s body, similarly seasonal skin care local to that region would suit our skin better than ones formulated elsewhere.

Even though we have a rich history of ingredients sung for their medicinal properties, unfortunately very less is documented and what little is documented is often poorly understood. The exuberant propaganda that Indian skincare heals all and is the sole solution for golden glowing skin is not helpful either

Deyga Organics deals with artisan skin care and haircare products that promises authenticity at every step of formulation. Handcrafted and Natural are their two important philosophies

What gives Artisan products the edge ?

An artisan product cannot be compared with the conventional lab tested product simply because and artists with years of experience form a unique relationship with the ingredients and can judge a products authenticity from human angle that machines fail to reproduce.

Going Green.

Indian cosmetic industry is progressively going green and adapting hand made products is the primary step. The reduction in power consumption also turns out eco friendly

A product crafted just for you.

Which hand crafting the product becomes unique and tailor made for a particular skin type. Taking it a step further there is a luxury of customisation for each person skin and its individual need.

Skincare is going natural.

When it comes to skin care less is more. Using natural ingredients and avoiding chemicals at all cost is definitely beneficial for the skin in the long run

Deyga Cosmetics supports communities

Their product helps the local community in acquiring higher employment opportunities and earning potential.

Deyga Organics creates customised skincare and haircare range that are 100% natural and handcrafted. This supports and raises an artisanal spirit in the neighbourhood. All of Deyga’s ingredients are hand-picked and brought together by caring and well-experienced craftsmen.

Here are my top 3 products from their range

1. Deyga Foot Scrub
Deyga’s Foot Scrub exfoliates dead and damaged skin to give your feet a smoother, healthier and more radiant appearance. Formulated with Almond oil, spirulina and Vitamin E it has a heavenly fragrance and texture that’s both calming and effectively removes callus.

Almond oil and Spirulina Foot scrub (source

2. Deyga Face and Body Exfoliator
This is a gentle exfoliator that is prepared with Marjonam, Neem, Khus Khus, Lemon, Matcha leaf, Lemon, Black rice. Every ingredient has the common benefit of revitalizing, refreshing and giving a natural glow to the complexion.

3. Deyga charcoal face pack
Charcoal face mask is highly beneficial when used once a week to rejuvenate the skin that’s constantly exposed to pollution. The activated charcoal and kaolin clay are truly enriching to the skin.

Activated charcoal face pack (source

When you support Deyga and buy from them , you support an Indian artisan community. That adds to the value of choosing this brand each and every time.


The product details and formulation are according to the information published in the official website of

I have used each product for a period of two weeks before writing this review. Long term effects needs to be studied further.

If you are into self care then your kitchen is the best source check out Swarnali’s fabulous apple face pack

Apple Face Pack for Oily, Dry and Normal Skin – Anti-Aging and Skin Brightener

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  1. Lakshmi says:

    Wow Arul Loving your revamped website, looks so colorful, and thanks for these deeds about Deyga


    1. Thank you Lakshmi, do try out deyga and let me know how you felt.


  2. Swarnali says:

    sounds great, I will definitely try deyga.


  3. delhifundos2014 says:

    I heard a lot about Deyga. But never tried any of their products. But after reading your blog and the review will definitely going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing this blog


  4. Samidha Mathur says:

    This brand looks promising and I am looking forward for its foot scrub product which you have listed in your blog. are you still using the same? will you be able to tell that is it good for all skin types or is it is specific to any particular skin type or skin condition.


  5. Cindy Dsilva says:

    Off late I’m hearing about this brand a lot. It’s great that they have artisans creating pure and natural products for our use.


  6. Amrit Kaur says:

    I have been hearing a lot about Deyga brand and the formulations look great. It is high time that I should try their products now.


  7. It’s great that they have artisans working on their products. Got me interested in charcoal face pack for sure.


  8. I am a sucker for skin care and haircare products that promises authenticity. And it looks like Deyga Organics deals with artisan handcrafted and natural products. Will surely try their new range.


  9. simisp says:

    Natural made skin products are always worth using for skin care routine definitely will be checking out thank you for sharing the brand looks great for skin care…


  10. mahekg says:

    I read some really good reviews about this product which made me buy them recently. They look really good.


  11. I have just started using face packs and I love the freshness it leaves. I will definitely try the charcoal face pack as I definitely want to know how my skin reacts to it.


  12. mummatalks says:

    Indian market and consumers both are shifting for organic and naturally made cosmetics and it’s nice to seen that Deyga is offering such great range. I specially like the foot and face scrubs.


  13. Devgya face scrub and exfoliator seems extremely useful. Such brands promote vocal for local initiative. Make in India dream is coming true.


  14. jhilmildsaha says:

    Being a skincare junkie, I am always in search of good brands and Deyga sounds to be one of the best.


  15. Amritha Srinath says:

    I have been using Deyga pregnancy products now and I am quite satisfied with it. The face and body exfoliator is amazing and I really like it very much.


  16. Doctor mommy says:

    That was detailed review od Deyga Product.s. Loo forward to using their foot scrub. Its high time, they get some pampering.


  17. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    I am hearing a lot about devgya skin care products all across the web seems like a great option for good skin care at home. Will check out these for sure. Thanks for sharing details .


  18. I have not heard of the concept of Artisan skincare – so this has been an interesting read about a new method of skincare making and also a new brand. I really like how they are about sustainability – by using natural ingredients and employing the local community.


  19. Pratibha says:

    Woah those are some great deals love the product range


  20. Deyga has a great range of skin care products with natural ingredients.


  21. Smalltownie says:

    #vocalforlocal is really helping the country and many brands! It is great to see such amazing products coming up from a local brand!


  22. Jhilmil bhansali says:

    Surely looks like good products to add my skincare routine without worrying much about ingredients


  23. Jhilmil bhansali says:

    Surely looks like good products to add my skincare routine without worrying much about ingredients


  24. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    Indian tradition is so rich with the use of natural ingredients for beauty treatment that we need not look elsewhere. Deyga seems to use time-tested natural ingredients which is great.


  25. You had me at the words handcrafted and customized. Would love to give this a try. Esply the foot scrub looks more appealing to me


  26. Mrinal Kiran says:

    I have tried two of their products and I must say I am in love with them! Such amazing and effective products!


  27. Snigdha says:

    I am also using few Deyga products and so much love those . The products are pure and organic which exactly our skin required.


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