The Silver Lined Mommy – Book Review

Life is what we make of it. Agree? Yes, even the sadness and melancholy can overpower you only if you let it. The last few months have been testing and demanding for all of us. As usual I took solace in books. Blogchatter announced its e-book carnival and I was thrilled to read the bright, original and novel scripts of authors they published. A wonder full library of 63 books, freshly baked and delivered to my ipad to wipe away the worry lines on my forehead.

One book that stood out for me was “ The Silver Lined Mommy” by Monika Davessar

Genre : Motivational books

Pages: 70

What pulled me to the book was the blurb beautifully penned by Ms.Davessar. She writes, “The hair that are turning silver and the fine wrinkles which have started smiling near the eyes of a middle-aged woman are the signs not of decay but of flourishing . This book , The Silver Lined Mommy‟ is how she embraces herself and sees a silver lining in her present and future life.”

The books runs through 24 beautiful chapters that got me swiping  from page to page for more. Her words were precise and crisp but most of I loved her language.  A little about Ms. Davessar before I pour my thoughts about her book.

Monika Davessar is  a lecturer by profession for the past 19 years. She writes that her silver hair are symbolic of her strengths, struggles, confidence and wisdom . They remind one how well life was lived She embraces middle-age womanhood with a happy smile; and the book ‘The Silver Lined Mommy’ took its form to reflect the same.

The book begins brilliantly almost poetically describing a woman’s journey from her mother’s lap to a husbands nuptial beds. She rightfully points out how a woman gets lost and almost defines herself by the roles the society guides her into. A wife, a dutiful daughter, a nurturing mother. Ms. Davasser urges women to not loose themselves but seek their identity and be defined only by that.

I especially loved the chapter  “ love your body”. Reading it was a personal introspective moment for me. It made me question some of the ways I describe myself and wonder if those labels were worth it.

The happiness paradox is every woman’s bible for mindful living and glee. That’s a definite hit,. I am printing those pages and putting it up on my mood board to remind myself to be kind foremost to myself.

Her language is rich but most of all her narrative is very real and relatable. She rights for every woman out there and it felt like an elder sister gently nudging me on my path as a woman.

I urge you to download this one and unwind with a cup of tea! It will definitely be worth it !

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. meralifestylemonika says:

    Thanku so much for a beautiful review of my book .


  2. Blogaberry Foo says:

    True. A woman needs to know herself before living her whole life for others and then regretting it when old.


  3. Neha says:

    That’s seems like a lovely read! I think the author is pulling from experiences of her own and things she sees around her which makes it relatable.


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