It Girl- to be or not to be

She turns heads whenever she enters a room, she is every women’s envy and every man’s dream. But does she exist for real? An ‘it girl’ can never be defined, she lives in the mystery of the word. She is the personification of human desire. She is famous for being famous. She has style, she creates fashion statements, she goes to the elite parties, she is part of the exclusive clans and scandals are made of her.  Something like the Kardashians. Yup, that escalated quickly ! Now let us revisit- does she really exist?

Researching for this piece was the most fun of all the posts. I got to reading about the lives of some of the earlier ‘it girls’. My favourite was of Nan Kempner who rules the 1960s with her style and pedigree. A Yves Saint Laurent fanatic as she was, Miss Kempner was taken aback when a maitre d told her she couldn’t enter his restaurant in trousers. This magnanimous social butterfly dropped her trousers and walked elegantly into the restaurant with just her jacket.

What makes them so attractive is that they live a life of glamour that is unachievable to us common folk. They don’t have just fans, they have followers, fanatics who screen shot their every move on social media and to think these were common girls who dreamt just like you and me. How are they now living it?

Well to be frank the stories of it girls of the 21st century are never self made. Its not really rags to riches that you dream of. They have al had overtly ambitious parents behind them , pushing them to the glory they reluctantly seem to accept. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner both had strong mothers who launched them into society but truly our society is no longer in the elite gatherings and clubc anymore. It is on the Social media. With the burst of Instagram and Snap chat culture the it girl doesn’t just live her dream life she lives everyones.

These are the 10 commandments to be Instagrams #itgirl

  • Offend as often as possible: the opposite of don’t try to please everyone is taken literally in social media banter. The loudest survive.
  • Every it girl no matter how high on her horse is, is always relatable. The mass sees her as a friend, a sister, a muse, a crush.
  • Be the crucified style icon- walk in 5 inch heels if it kills you, wake up with pink gloss and blush kissed cheeks , eat kale and be vegan and memorize every designer name that’s worth knowing.
  • Confidence is key. Even if you are dressed in rags.
  • Your life is a party, always. You are sparkling at every enviable social gathering and breathe champagne.
  • You don’t go to ALL the parties. No some are just too common for you.
  • You falter. Oh yes you have flaws and you proclaim it on broad daylight so that people feel better about themselves too.
  • Friends are great but the right enemies are most important
  • Have the coolest boyfriend. This is a sure shot way to fame.
  • You got it all hence you flaunt it. No censors. You are the star ! 

Now that we have discussed in detail the duties you bear as the ‘it girl’ I am coming back to the golden question. Do you want to be one?

I am not going to answer this for you. It is every girl’s personal journey. Just be warned of whats really in store for you. 

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  1. alpanadeo says:

    Social media has changed the definition how girls see themselves. To answer your golden question- I want to be me. I don’t want to be happy or look confident because social media want that or I want to show it to my followers. I want it all of rmyself.

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  2. What an apt title. You surely have hit on target. Well written post.


  3. simritbedi says:

    What an interesting post Arul.. I loved your tips to be the ‘it girl’


  4. Haimanti says:

    It is a very difficult decision for a lit of girls… An ‘It’ girl, though might not be interesting to me, can be of immense interest and importance to another girl! However, being true to your own self and still being the ‘It’ girl should be the ideal way out..


  5. Very interesting post Arul. Never heard of the ‘it girls’ before! Found the whole concept super amusing!!
    Tremendous responsibility to be one I’m guessing!


  6. This is the post to re-read, Absloutely amazing. I do have many qualities of the IT girl, and am going to flaunt it all. Do write more of these.


  7. Doctor mommy says:

    You elucidated it so well. Another grim reality is that all girls struggle to be her. And in the race forget their true self.


  8. Blogaberry Foo says:

    i am definitely not an it girl. i do what I like and what I feel is right. walking in high heels is totally me but not when I’m carrying my kid!


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