Handbags over Flowers

I read somewhere that a girls mind is as complex as the handbag she wears and even if you mange to get to the bottom of it there is always something inside to surprise you. I couldn’t agree more ! If I could pick out and intenerate the contents of a girls handbag I could tell you all about her personality and some. A lot of genuine research has been dedicated to deciphering a womans personality from the way she carries her bag. Can you imagine something as casual as that can make a statement about you? A handbag is a gender identifier in today’s world. It defines your taste , your priorities and is also a symbol of class. 

Huge bags always gave me a sense of security. I held it against my body as a shield, I hid my personality behind it. Covering your body with a handbag is a reflection of your body self image. A confident woman carries a handbag over her shoulder and does not take comfort crouching behind one. Body language matters.

I want someone to look at me the way I look at a Chanel bag.

Holding the handbag in the folds of your elbow or the famous ‘Posh spice’ pose is deciohered by body language experts as sign of empowerment. The bag is your badge to flaunt to the world and gives you great pride but also a tennis elbow in the near future if you are not too cautious.

The infamous dangle it in front of your body depicts a persons insecurities and is clearly not the perfect way to hold any bag/purse.

Since we have sorted out how to hold them lets focus on how to hoard them. All through my 20s I have been collecting bags some cheap and some pricey as if I were collecting medallions.

My biggest fear is that when I die, my husband will sell all my bags for what I told him they cost.

Honestly these are the only bags you will ever need:

  • The multi faceted Black tote. T are overtlyhough this works primarily as a day bag, it is so versatile that it can be paired with almost any outfit. If you are overtly conscious like me I would advice to buy ne in nude too.
  • The evening bag: splurge on this one. It is meant to be bright and bling and define your sense of style.
  • The clutch– one cant live without it. It teams great with your jeans when you head out for coffee with your girls and can easily be carried into a work meeting without the balling of an eye. After all life is all about the hussle. 
  • The red/ orange bag: its quirky, stylish and ideal for the date nights
  • The duffle bag– big enough to swallow most of you inside and perfectly suited for your shopping sprees, weekend getaways and impromptu airport scenes.

Be experimental. A great handbag is like having your best friend attached to your shoulders. Choose it wisely and nurture them well!

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  1. alpanadeo says:

    Recently, I read an article on Kate Middleton and her way of dressing and holding handbags. The first two paragraphs of your post, reminds me of that article that how much they make a different in our personality.


    1. simritbedi says:

      Another wonderful post Arul. After T’s birth I have been only carrying big hand bags. Now I want to go back to carry my regular small or medium bags


  2. Swarnali Nath says:

    How amazing! How girls minds could be related with the handbags they carry? Interesting. Enjoyed the read.


  3. Wow! what a funnily informative post. I always knew the kind of bag a lady picked up for herself told a lot about her personality. Glad to read the details of it


  4. Arushi says:

    A very interesting read I must say. I never knew the way you carry your handbag speaks of your personality. I have always liked to carry big bags either on the shoulder or the arm but recently bought a small one and I love the change.


  5. Amazing post I use clutch, duffle bag for travelling and purse .


  6. My love for handbags is only eclipsed by my love for books and shoes!


  7. Hahah! I love the quotes you have written here. Bags and Flowers, I pick the former and drop the later 😉


  8. Taht is so true the handbags are part of your style statement and our level of confidence .


  9. My biggest fear is that when I die, my husband will sell all my bags for what I told him they cost: Hahaha – I have a few friends who live in this constant fear…lol…hahahahaha

    #DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter #BlogchatterA2Z


  10. Your fear I hope might not ever knock your door ever…it made me laugh a lot though


  11. I am particular while choosing handbags. Actually i would also prefer bag over flowers.


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