Girls come in all shapes and sizes

Every girl has stood in front of the mirror and seen a stranger look back at her. I look at older photographs of myself and realize how “thin” or greatly shaped I was 2 years ago. Yet if you quizzed the 28 year old me, I would have said I was fat and wanted to fit into two sizes lesser jeans. If you think about it in our mind we were always ‘fat’ no matter what shape or size we came in. Starting from 12-30, this is the label I carried on me and it is a heavy one to bear.

The real reason why people generally hate their bodies goes way beyond the scope of a television commercial selling beauty products that endorse a woman’s insecurities in the first place. The truth is we were educated to look at our bodies this way at a very young age and with such logical reasoning that no level of reassurance is ever enough. The wound is not on the outside but rather deep in. We have been carrying our bodies around with mismatched souls trapped inside and dream of bikini models in our eyes. This is neither balanced nor healthy in any which way. 

The commercial ad shoot that you gawk at is highly photoshopped. What you stare at in admiration is a pixilated robotic version of the real living moving human who posed for the shot. The real human being has pores on her skin, wrinkles and hips. While talking about inner healing is all charismatic will you and I ever be healed completely on the inside ? I am only being practical and putting forward an absolute cheat sheat for your body positive journey beginning from outside –in.

Step 1

Understand your body shape (yes, not size/weight in pounds). Women really do come in 4 broad shapes-

Pear- your waist is more endowed than your chest. Those fuller hips are made for goddesses and girl have you got booty! 

Hourglass- you girl are equally gifted with boobs and booty and have a great waist to flaunt. Be proud of this symmetry

Athletic- you are what women sweat in the gym for hours. You are equal in all your assets and you know what you are the luckiest of us all

Apple-  You are that girl blessed with great breasts and small hips! You are a dream other girls yearn for. 

Step 2

Dress right! An hourglass is a great body type but if you cloth it in an A line full dress instead of a body con you are going to look like a nun from the medieval movies and think you look no good at all. The sense is in the styling. Every body shape has its own esthetics that when played right would make every woman look how she wants herself to (thanks to years of conditioning unfortunately).

Step 3

Once you are dressed in the above rule. Stand in front of your mirror and look. Yes first you will see the so called flaws that your brain was programmed to. Speak out loud and name each body part and tell yourself it looks beautiful. There is no shame in having beautiful big breasts or beautiful flat chests. You are beautiful as you are. After a few weeks once you can look yourself in the mirror with only positivity I would suggest- strip and do the same exercise.  Your body is you. You are beautiful. 

Step 4

Go conquer the world !

10 Comments Add yours

  1. alpanadeo says:

    Awesome. Such a positive and uplifting post. We should respect ourself first. Body shaming is becoming a big deal these days. Once we know our body type then we should think of dressing up accordingly. Whatever we wear, the first thing should be to be comfortable and confident in it.


  2. Balaka says:

    Great post to boost the confidence of many women.


  3. simritbedi says:

    This is a wonderful post Arul. Everyone should be grateful if their bodies and should love themselves!


  4. I am peated shape and really hate my body, because I am.always confused what will suit me.


  5. Arushi says:

    I was having the same conversation with my husband today that how at all stages I felt I was fat and now when I look back I think I was much better then. Loved your post and the four simple steps to go conquer the world


  6. This is such a well written post. Self love is what I’d deem to raise our confidence.


  7. Accepting our body they way it is is very important, if we do not understand and accept it how can we expect others to do that.


  8. Great post. We are great the way we are. Coming to terms with that is very important.


  9. Love this post. Dresses do make difference. Still we must love our bodies..


  10. Most of our body-conscious especially when we were in our teens, This is a must-read post for all the girls


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