Give me a neatly mixed cosmopolitan and I shall conquer the world.

I didn’t always favour the drink to begin with, typically because everyone called it too girly and I wanted to show the world I was made of iron and steel too. Not all girls love Barbies but is it right to shame the girl that does ? Does that make her weak somehow or fit into a box?

But why cosmo? Well, its vodka for one. I prefer to sip on vodka during a social gathering or sip nothing at all. I am not endorsing alcoholism, I am just saying that if a woman wants to drink she should. There must not be any shame attached to it because she is a woman. It is just as right and wrong as a man downing a drink. 

In your 30s you realize you don’t like losing control of yourself mindlessly which is why I stick to cosmos in social gatherings. It gives you the buzz without taking you overboard. There is no class in getting drunk as a doormat and having someone haul you to the safety of your bed.  No we don’t really appreciate the clown you become after two glasses of whisky on the rocks either. You must realize that being the ‘life of the party’ literally translates to the clown one had on their 12th birthday. Consume a drink if you wish but don’t let the drink consume you. One also needs a liver to survive, you know?

Cosmopolitan (the magazine) was the first thing I picked up after every bad breakup, messed up exam or horrifying day at work. It is as comfortable as a faux fur coat somehow. There is a guilty pleasure in staring at pink louboutins, bright red lipsticks and that Gucci bag that you could never afford. I also love how every issue is about sex. Own it girl, you deserve all that pleasure in the world. It was this magazine that introduced me to the boss ladies of the world- beyond colour, creed and nationality. 

Cosmopolitanism- all through my 20s I wanted to be the Queen B of my life with atleast 2 or 3 side kicks. Well the problem with that system is you stop living for yourself and start living for the appreciation.  It’s a self made cage. Lame! With maturity came acceptance. This is what one must work through this glorious decade. Yes it will take that much deprogramming of our systems. Accepting every sized, shaped and spirited person for the beauty in them and realizing that they walk in different shoes which you probably would be too sore in. Hence celebrate their catwalk and uplift each other like queens rightly do. To sisterhood and #womenupliftingwomen 

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  1. “With maturity came acceptance.” thats the base line of everything. We should learn to see things clearly with maturity. maturity expands our horizons


  2. Interesting post. Maturity and acceptance are so important. But as i say each phase of life is beautiful and if you can smile when you look back, it was all worth it. The magazine i love, the drink i have not tried coz i am not a vodka person 😉 Cheers to us!!

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  3. I think drink, magazines or any other things are completely personal preference and of course, it should not be related or judged only because you are woman. if you like it, do is our life, so no one has right to interference with our personal choices. loved your bold style of writing!


  4. I agree with you. Drinking or not should be a matter of personal choice but I agree that women should not be discriminated against for that choice because of their gender. With age, comes a certain maturity. But we better ensure that the maturity is mature enough for our age. Women should stick up for each other. As it is, we have enough and more people to pull us down. Here’s to uplifting women. I loved this post. 🙂


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