Medall Celebrates #eachforequal this Women’s day to upholdWomens’s Health and Happiness.

As we strive towards creating a gender equal society and the theme for the International Women’s Day 2020 is #eachforequal, where each of us steer the wheel towards gender equality, healthcare will emerge among the most important elements in the growth and empowerment of women in future. I was invited by Medall Healthcare Private Limited on Women’s day for a health talk by Dr. Akhila Parvathy in Chennai along with a group of eminent women representatives spanning from various arenas in Chennai.

Read on till the end to find the basic set of medical examinations (self examination and laboratory test) that you could perform every year at a budget to safegaurd your health and prevent any diseases before they occur. HEALTH IS WEALTH

The doctor threw light on the number of alarming lifestyle disorders that women must take an oath to combat. Stress, lack of physical activity, sleep deprivation and unhealthy eating habits is leading to growth in chronic diseases among them. Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, depression, heart diseases and even some types of cancer, are on the rise among women. More women are unhealthy than men according to the GOQii India Fit Report 2020. A staggering 71% women fall in the unhealthy category and young adults in the 19-30 age group have the unhealthiest habits and demonstrate a high propensity to be afflicted by lifestyle diseases. As per reports, an estimate 68% women suffer from lifestyle diseases. 53% of them skip meals and binge on junk food or fast food to meet work pressure and deadlines. Many of the health conditions women are at risk for in their 20s can become the mainstay problems in their 30s.

Common diseases affecting women are:

PCOs most commonly in young women, a hormonal disorder leading to menstrual irregularities, obesity and infertility.

Obesity- 80% of urban Indian working women in the age of 25-45 years are over-weight due to stress, sedentary lifestyle or unhealthy eating habits, a risk factor for many chronic diseases

Depression/Anxiety disorder: long working hours as well as factors such as lack of sleep, exercise, addiction to alcohol and drug abuse can lead to depression

Chronic Backache: Caused due to long work hours, especially sedentary jobs with long hours of static posture at work and inappropriate back support.

Infertility: Lifestyle issues are complicating both fertility rate among women as well as preganancies, affecting both mother and baby

Vitamin D Deficiency: which can further mount to fatigue, bone pain and other risk factors.

Breast Cancer: Incidence of breast cancer is increasing in younger women, due to unhealthy lifestyles. In 5% women, it could be genetic, therefore the testing has to be done at an early age.

Fortunately today, preventive healthcare is gaining popularity and with a plethora of opportunity and cost-effective options available, it is matter of taking the step in that direction to prevent irreversible damage. 

Medall, among India’s leading integrated diagnostic services provider has curated a comprehensive list of preventive health care tests under STAY AWARE. STAY HEALTHY / BASIC WELLNESS TESTS – which has 57 important tests that cover the functions of 8 major body systems. The Medall ‘Well Women Package Gold’ offers a comprehensive set of tests specifically designed for women.

Medall also walks the talk of being a preventive healthcare services provider with a vision. SASH (Stay Aware, Stay Healthy), is its health initiative which encourages people to get proactive about their wellbeing. With 57 tests covering 8 major vital organs, SASH is a comprehensive clinical test package priced at only Rs.640/- or less than US$10, and has already touched 150,000 customers within a year of launch.

Numbers that matter:

  • Dedicated, expert and committed workforce of over 2500 
  • A clinical team comprising over 134 qualified radiologists and pathologists 
  • A network of over 45,000 doctors 
  • Present in 9 states and 66 districts including all of South India, Jharkhand and Maharashtra
  • 176 labs and 20 Apex labs
  • 16 NABL accredited labs and over 100 ISO certified labs.
  • Partnered with 4 State Governments including AP, Telangana, Karnataka and Jharkhand in PPP

For details visit –


  • It is important to keep track of health at all times
  • Basic Wellness makes you aware of your health score
  • Basic Wellness helps monitor functions of 8 major systems of the body
  • These are meaningful tests chosen by a team of leading physicians
  • 57 important tests that cover the functions of 8 major body systems
  • Tests worth Rs.3, 000 now comes at just Rs.640 per person

This 2020, I monitored my health with Medall’s wellness package and took and oath to be a healthier version of myself. This is what you could do too.

A few recommended tests:

  • Blood pressure – Every 2 years if normal (120/80). Yearly, or more often if higher than 120/80
  • Diabetes Blood Glucose – If your blood pressure is > 135/80 or if you take blood pressure medication
  • Cholesterol Test – Starting at age 20, get regular testing if at risk for heart disease.

Pelvic Exam

Every year beginning age 21.

  • PAP test without HPV screen for Cancer – every 3 years, ages 21-30
  • PAP test with HPV screen for Cancer – Every 5 years, age 30+
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea – Get tested if you are sexually active and at increased risk (new or multiple partners) or are pregnant.
  • Syphilis – Get tested if you are at increased risk or pregnant.

Clinical Breast Exam

Every 1-3 years, starting at age 21.

  • Share your Breast Self-Exam Info – Become familiar with how your breasts look and feel throughout your menstrual cycle, if applicable, so you can identify changes and discuss with your provider.

HIV Screening

All women should be offered a one-time screening. Follow up testing is based on individual risk. All pregnant women need to be tested.

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