Green Diwali what that means for me and the toddler

With each festival comes it’s own customs. Are you making your own rituals with your baby?
With the current global scenario of eco consciousness it’s best to instill this young in the minds of our children and to do it consistently.
Every Diwali me and Sey have taken an oath to plant a new  and add some more green to our evolving terrace garden ❣️
Is it time to rethink our customs and make somethings new that will suit our current state of ecological crisis ?
Leave your thoughts in comments.
Thank you for this intiative.
#mamaearth #gogreen #itstime #ecofriendlyliving

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Doctor Momma who is an ardent foodie and loves all things fine in life !

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  1. This is the best thought for diwali or any occasion. Being agriculture country we have lost all the touch and truth behind these festival’s. Would really appreciate some change . thanks for sharing. I too had a green diwali .


  2. I’ve probably lit crackers or been a part of it 5 times in my 35 years of living. I loved that this Diwali there was very less loud noises giving my heart a jerk and troubling my kids.


  3. That is a very nice initiative by mamaearth and kudos to the green Diwali you guys celebrate. We definitely need this considering the extreme global changes we are going through


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