Sumeru Presents Masterclass with Sashi Cheliah

MasterChef is one of the few television series that I never miss. I have followed every season diligently and we always watch it together as a family. We take sides and vote for our favourite dish and who should be out that week.

Sashi was everyone’s favourite and when he was in elimination I was bitting my nails furiously. We celebrated his winning MasterChef as if it was our own!

You can then imagine the excitement in my house when we heard Sashi was going to be in Chennai.

The event ‘Classroom Kitchen’ by Sashi Cheliah (Masterchef Australia – winner 2018) was held in aid of a brighter future for underprivileged children, presented by Sumeru in association with MMRT42. The noble cause was to raise funds & enable a brighter future for under privileged children by constructing classrooms & school infrastructure.

SUMERU is one of the very few brands that has been collaborating with celebrity chefs for a long time now. SUMERU has been trying to change the perception of frozen food in our country through its innovations and more nutritious product offerings for this fast and fit generation.

The stage was set at the flying elephant at Park Hyatt, guindy and the parents and kids had lined up enthusiastic to meet their favourite chef and interact with him

Sashi was energetic and friendly with the children and they loved him. He answered their questions patiently while cooking up his winning dish like a pro. He cooked for us the famous sambal prawns and herb salad. Everyone present got to taste the prawns and they were heavenly. Delicately balanced with a burst of flavours in your mouth. He is a master no less.

Here is our click with sashi and a sweet memorabilia from SUMERU foods

Sumeru launched their authentic style filter coffee at the event. Its made in seconds but with that rustic taste that will remind you of your grandmother’s kitchen.

All in all it was a great kind of weekend for me!

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