Confessions of a Breastfeeding New Mom

To that new mom who is battling low supply and trying to breastfeed/pump feed your baby, I wish I had someone to say this to me.
You are enough ! You are doing your best.

What are the only things that will help improve your milk supply?

Hydration is key

Contrary to popular belief drinking milk does not promote milk supply. Though milk is an excellent source of calcium to a lactating mother, the new mom may consume any fluids and keep herself hydrated. I reccomend tender coconut. It’s rich in nutrients and is a great hydration tool. No your child will not catch cold. Cold is a viral infection ( cannot be induced by diet)

Atleast 3 litres of water per day is reccomended


Fenugreek is a popular Galactogogues that works but only when it is soaked and germinated. Tasted like crap but worked for me. Initially I consumed the dried seeds with water. Wish somebody corrected me earlier.
Almonds. Again soaked overnight and consumed either alone or in powder with milk. Tasty and effective.

Prescribed Ayurvedic capsules.

Always take these on prescription by your pardiatrician only. They come in many names and come even as granules. They basically all contain garlic and a number of proven milk boosting herbs. Alternatively you will find of the counter Shatavari health mixes that can be consumed with milk. Do consult your doctor before starting a new drink.


Feed the baby on each breast everytime for 20 mins atleast. After feeding each time pump yourself, even if there is no supply the body gets signal that baby needs more and can catch up and make more milk
✔️✔️Power pumping. ✔️✔️

This is what saved me. A typical power pumping schedule will last for one hour.

If you are using a double pump then. The cycle goes thus,

10 mins of pumping, 10 mins of rest followed by 10 minutes of pumping and 10 mins of rest and final 10 minutes of pumping. Pumping simultaneously always works wonders.

Skin to skin

Milk production needs oxytocin which is naturally secreted when u keep your baby skin to skin. Mothers who feed by a shield due to latching issues have to do this every three to four hours. Undress both you and baby and keep baby on chest and wrap both of you together with a cotton sari ( baby wearing , yes)
Remember ! You are enough ! You are doing your best!

What are the things that worked for u. Please share so a new mom can get benefitted.

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