What’s in a Toddler’s Diaper Bag?

Everyone’s talking about the diaper bag essentials for a new mom. The toddler mom is always perceived as an educated and we’ll researched and evolved species. But truth is my days of research got over the day this minion exited my womb. He has left me with very little space in my day to wash my hair. Where would I go researching ??

So I decided to bite the bullet and make an exhaustive list. This is all that you are going to need in your diaper bag. You have it all sorted if you have these

Diaper bag spread !!

Am gonna call this #storiesinmybag . Share with me what’s in yours.

Water is of utmost essense and I believe carrying a flask so that it’s room temperature no mater what climate you are travelling in. Flasks are easy to sterilise and maintain too. Staying hydrated is very important for both you and the baby

A separate bottle/ sipper for the baby depending on what stage he is in. I carry two. One for milk and juices and one for water.

An extra set of clothes, diapers and socks for the baby. They tend to have accidents only when u are least prepared. A medium sized towel that can be used for various purposes. This can be rolled and also serves as a neck pillow if the baby want to nap somewhere on your lap. I always carry a baby comb too and some moisturiser. What’s essential is a disposal cover for your wet-wipes or soiled tissue.

Always have a small toy, book and teether that the baby likes to distract him or entertain him when needed.

A small box and metal spoon for baby food ( sustainable clean and eco friendly) A small pack of emergency snacks if the food gets over.

Now for the mom list. You will need your purse, mobile and the charger ( don’t want the battery to go low ever) A compact and lipbalm/ lipstick. I always carry extra hair band and clips cause my son keep meddling with my hair and pulling out my hair accessories. A book to unwind with if baby decides to nap.

What’s in your bag?? Eager to know!!!

Challenging you to show us your bags content.
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