7 Super Breakfast Ideas for Toddler Moms – sorted for the week.

No scientific research has yet proven how the toddler,that tiny human being , smells that you are a little off your game that particular day and decides to be demanding and fussy in full swing. They have some radar! As it is their energy levels are matched only to a fully combustible NASA rocket engine and dealing with it is truly rocket science.

As mums of these magically evolving creatures called toddlers ( I doubt they are human in this stage) one needs to be fully equipped and at all times ready to run a marathon and then walk back home. What are some quick and high energy food that can be your breakfast fix while managing the circus that you no call home.

Between morning routine, family members heading out to work and lunch prep for them, to meeting the needs of an attention craving insistent toddler the mom’s breakfast always takes a back seat and is replaced with cups of strong coffee. This is the first step to fail. And fail miserably. By 11am you are drained of energy and the baby is in full swing while you are counting minutes to that nap. If he decides to skip the nap. You are fried alive.

These energy rich foods can save your exhaustion and give you that kick start to play and most importantly enjoy your brat. What more you can plan for one every day of the week and you are sorted.

1. Monday-Fortified Cereals.

What’s beautiful about them is you only have to open the pack. Now a days cereals come fortified with iron, vitamins and calcium that are if utmost essence to women in their late 20s and early 30s. The right nutrition in this age sets the rhythm for a hormonal balance that makes menopause which comes 2 decades later a cakewalk. Add in some almond milk or soy milk and you have a wholesome meal on your plate in a jiffy. One that’s yummy too.

2. Tuesdays-Idly and lentil powders.

The Indian boon. Idlies or rice cakes as the west calls them are packed with carbohydrate and protein and paired with lentil powders that are easily available in any supermarket. This is a 5min breakfast fix. If you are feeling indulgent, throw in some mint leaves, coriander leaves and handful of roasted gram with an inch of ginger in the mixie and tada you have a restaurant worthy side dish for your idly.

3 Wednesday- Seasonal fruit smoothie with yogurt.

This again is a 3 minute fix and my favourite breakfast especially in the summer. With mangoes being seasonal. Beating in some mango pulp with store bought yogurts are a yummy and fulfilling breakfast option. Alternatively you may use strawberry, litchi and ripe guavas too. Yogurts are a great source of good cholesterol and rich in calcium. The fruits are rich in vitamins and this is a harmonious nutrition jugalbandi on your taste buds

4. Thursday – The Protein Rich Salad

Boil some chickpeas, brown channa dal and throw in some fresh veggies like sliced tomatoes and lettuce, paneer and you have your quickfix salad ready. Additionally you may add chia, sunflower seeds for texture. Drizzle with olive oil or melted nut butters or garlic butter to garnish

5. Friday – Takeaway Sandwich

The easiest of them all is a peanut butter Sandwich. I use this for the cheat days, when u feel like pampering myself. The alternate option can be any Sandwich spread and cut tomatoes and cucumbers. You may use the above said seeds for crunch on sandwiches too.

6. Saturday – Powerpacked dosas or protein dosa

Soak split Bengal gram and urud dal in water for half an hour and grind along with few pulses of garlic and red chillies. Mix with Rice powder (purchased from store) and water and the dosa batter is ready. Season with salt. The dosa is flavoured and can be had on its own. Curd is my favourite sides. Cooking time takes about 15 mins maximum for the dish.

7. Sunday – Swiggy it!! This is also my favourite kind of breakfast once a week ♥️ With the advent of online food delivery , one must never skip breakfast. Ever.

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  1. Priyasha Rana says:

    Wooo superb ideas will try it

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    1. Let me know how it goes. Eager to read yours


  2. Lets wander doon Doon says:

    Hey, I loved the idea thank you for sharing! please share some recepie which will be helpful in treating PCOS
    Waiting for your next blog.!

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    1. That’s a great idea. Let me work on that


  3. I liked the protein salad and protein dosa ideas. Will try these. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Vinod Dubey says:

    These are such awesome breakfast ideas……and in my opinion, not just for toddler moms, but for everybody…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks am honoured to hear that everyone’s morning is as messy as mine


  5. sidshahh212 says:

    Beautiful content and very helpful information…

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